Name: Izumi
Gender: Girl
Age: 15
Birthday: August 25th
Ethinicity: Mutt!
Location: Behind you!
Likes: Drawing, Web Design, Cafes, Cosplay, Ramen, Chocolate, Anime, Internet, Sleep, and ONE particular guy.
Dislikes: Spiders, Plain Idiots, Scary stuff; the works.
DeviantArt: [x]


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DeviantArt offers tabs, some animated and some not.
Scroll down menus and a simple color scheme make it nice and simple with an advanced interface simple enough for anyone to use.


Blogger offers tabs to navigate, yet with limited animations and scrolldowns.


The Yahoo homepage offers rollover tabs that give you previews of what's going on in your e-mail, messenger, Horoscope, and such. It also features an animated news preview, showing you what's new and popular in the news that day. # posted by いずみ | 2:07 PM |